Maku Healthy Café

The recent launch of our Maku Healthy Café, allows us to proudly announce that we now offer a wide range of specific nutritional, healthy food and drink options right in the heart of The Griya. Maku was designed to offer guests, who are conscious and mindful about their food, an inspiring selection of both nutritious, fresh and tasty options for anytime of the day.

Our fresh and vibrant menu offers a wonderful assortment of both vegetarian and non- vegetarian, delicious and nourishing dishes: salads and soups, wraps and burgers, healthy bowls and sushi bowls as well as a few really tasty surprises to tempt your taste-buds with the freshest of ingredients.

The range of desserts will amaze you as we feature a divine selection of homemade, and for the most part no bake (raw) desserts, so treat yourself to any sweet treat, guilt-free, with a coffee or tea of your choice. We offer almond, rice and soy- milk as healthy alternatives to regular cows milk. We don’t add any sugar in our preparations, which means you decide the quantity of sugar (we propose Balinese palm sugar) you add to your cup, Or not.

Enjoy our cafes unique ocean-and mountain vista, with its welcoming vibes and refreshing breeze whilst enjoying a book in our comfy sofa’s or work a few hours online, as we’ve plenty of power for your laptops etc. And of course, our free and great WiFi is at your disposal!

Looking forward to seeing you soon in our healthy tropical oasis…..!