The Griya Villas and Spa aims at becoming a highly environmental conscious resort. From early stages of operation, our goal has been to create an environmentally friendly Master Plan in accordance with international environmental standards.

Our goal is to be as carbon neutral resort as possible, yet still maintaining the highest level of luxury standard for our guests.

Here’s a few examples of what we already do:

  • Waste- and Rainwater: we use our wastewater and we collect the rainwater for garden irrigation, to keep our gardens permanently lush and green
  • Solar Energy: used heating the water for the shower in the villas
  • Straws: Plastic straws are one of the worse inventions ever, for the environment; they are being used only once, for just a few minutes and many end up on the beaches and the oceans. At The Griya, we are very proud to have already completely eliminated plastic straws from our resort and we now use glass straws and alternative straws; our glass straws are very successful with our guests and are also available for sale in our Boutique.

The key projects we aim to implement this year is a Waste Management Program: we will start by sorting our own waste and - with the help of locally based NGO Peduli Alam (see below) - we will implement a complete program to significantly reduce as well recycle our waste, based on the well-known 3R’s: Reduce – Reuse – Recycle:

We will make our own compost with Kitchen leftovers, to enrich the soil and garden

  • Part of our clean waste will be recuperated by Peduli Alam to be used in recycling workshops organized locally (link to Green Activities). This concerns metal cans, plastic bottles, detergent and laundry soap containers, paper, cardboard, as well as plastic wrappers, bags, etc
  • The "everything else" waste that cannot be recycled by Peduli Alam will be brought to the nearest sorting station located in Amlapura

This waste management will involve training our entire Staff to teach them how to properly sort waste and help them gain insights and awareness about the disastrous damages of burning or burying plastic, two habits that are sadly, still very much present here in Bali.

Our goal is also to show our Staff that there is value in the trash: overwhelming research shows that over 90% of our waste is totally recyclable and reusable. We will invite or Teams to attend Eco-brick workshops (Learn more about eco-bricks @ organized by Peduli Alam so they can learn how to responsibly get rid of their trash, all the while helping their beautiful island stay green and clean.

Our Purchasing Team will collaborate with Peduli Alam so identify ways in which we can choose and buy our every day supplies in a more sustainable way.

The Griya Villas and Spa will also continuously create programs to educate the local community to increase their awareness of environmental pollution, to save their prestigious reefs and to help them to create waste free environment for living.

Go Green Activities for our Guests

As an environmentally conscious resort, it means a lot to us to be actively involved in “eco” activities and initiatives that aim to keep Amed green and clean. We support two local NGO’s, Trash Hero Amed and Peduli Alam. Here’s how: