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Location: The Griya

The Griya: Balinese Dance Show

Bali as a tourist destination has many variations of interesting places for you to visit. And it also offers a wide variety of local culture, art, and also music and dance performances. The Griya offers you a glimpse into 4 of the key musical and dancing traditions which are deeply rooted into the Balinese culture. 

Depending on the availibility of the dancers/musicians, we alternate between the following 4 performances:

Rindik Music Performance:
This world famous type of Balinese music is performed on a bamboo instrument called Rindik. The delicate humming sound produced by these instruments conjures up images of breezy rice fields and sunny days.

Like most other Balinese gamelan instruments, rindik are tuned in pairs, one being tuned slightly higher than the other. This is what produces the characteristic humming sound. A rindik is played with either two or three beaters, one held in the left hand and one or two in the right. Normally, the left hand carries the melody and the right plays a pattern that creates interlocking configuration between the two right-hand parts. Although it may look effortless, playing rindik is a masterful skill that takes many years to learn.

Hundreds of compositions have been composed for rindik, and each region—even each village—in Bali reveals different styles and repertoire. It never ceases to amaze us how many compositions some of these talented musicians know, and they’re all committed to memory!

Balinese Dance Performance:

Balinese dances is a very ancient dance tradition that is part of the religious and artistic expression among the Balinese people. Balinese dance is dynamic, angular and intensely expressive; it’s beautiful and unique, and is closely connected to religious rituals.

Dances are often performed at ceremonies, typically as part of dramas, and most involve the Balinese version of the Hindu Ramayana epic. Traditional Balinese dance forms are passed on to girls and boys at a very young age, and training is often rigorous and disciplined. Dance is very connected to life in Bali and each village is likely to have some skilled dancers and teachers that they are proud of.

There is a great richness of ritualistic dance forms and styles in Bali. The Legong dance which is what we propose here, is one of Bali’s most refined and feminine forms, typically performed by young girls who use intricately choreographed movements, manipulating their bodies, fingers, eyes and faces to accompany music.

As a traveler, you are likely to have the chance to see dances if you attend ceremonies. If not, here’s your chance to join one of the performances put on for our guests here at The Griya.

Genjek Dance Performance:

Genjek is a tradition that originates from this Eastern part of Bali called Karangasem. The tradition is similar to the legendary Kecak dance, whereby performers use their voice to co-create a beautiful harmony. In Genjek however, the group creates a song with joyful and funny lyrics and sings it together, mostly accapella. There are only a few instruments involved such as a small flute, drums and the Balinese bamboo rindik. The best comparison would be to say that this is almost like rapping, but in the pure Balinese style.

Here's a sample of what Genjek looks like at The Griya: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iXJDuoCOOo

Joged Bungbung is a style of dance from the Island of Bali. The term Joged is also a common word for dance in Indonesia. The dance is typically accompanied by a gamelan ensemble of bamboo instruments called a gamelan joged bumbung. Balinese Joged dance is not a religious and ritual one, it is social dance for entertainment purposes only. During a Joged performance, a single or several female dancers will perform and invited male audience to dance with them. The dance often involving erotic movements and teasing, ranged from humorous to seducement interactions between the dancers with their male counterpart.

Join us by our main pool and in our Safka Restaurant EVERY Sunday for unique and authentic Balinese Cultural performances.

The show starts at 7pm. We kindly invite you to on time, the show won't wait!

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The Griya: Balinese Dance Show

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